Is Fried Chicken Good For Diabetics?

Fried chicken legs

Chicken, perhaps are the most common type of poultry in the world. They are high in protein and have considerably low amount of fat, due to which they stand as one of the most popular food item amid the avid gymers. Talking about protein in particular, it's essential for building and repairing your tissues and maintaining good muscle mass in the body. 

Chickens are also rich in multiple B vitamins such as vitamins B6 and B12. One 85 grams of chicken includes:

  • Calories (122 gm)
  • Protein (24 grams)
  • Fat (3 gm)
  • Carbohydrates (0 gm)

Now, that's very healthy!! 

But today were're not going to talk about chicken in general, instead we're gonna look at eating chicken in diabetes. And actually, not about eating normal chicken, we are going to look specifically about fried chicken and diabetes.

Let's jump straight into it!!

Fried Chicken And Diabetes

When we just look at the health benefits that chicken serves from superficial levels, it seems completely straight forward that fried chicken is good for diabetics. But, It's not that straight forward in reality!!

It is to be noted that since protein doesn't impact the blood sugar levels in the body, therefore eating normal and plain chicken in diabetes is not much matter of concern. And in fact, Protein increases satiety, therefore filling your tummy with chicken sounds much better than bread, white rice, or pasta in order to manage the blood sugar levels.

The reason i say fried chicken and diabetes is not that straight forward is because of a word that we are including almost every time before chicken in this article and that is - FRIED!!

Does Fried Chicken Raise Blood Sugar

Fried chicken and normal plain chicken works differently for diabetics. Battered and fried chicken, coated in a sweet glaze might impact your blood sugar levels immensely, and worsen type 2 diabetes if not controlled timely. 

Fried foods, in this case fried chicken, can pump in lots of carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, and calories in the body, that can lead lead to weight gain and other health related issues.

Many a times the oils used for frying chickens are not of that good quality, especially the ready made and ready to eat fried chickens available in the markets are cooked in low quality oils in order to save costs. Eating such kind of fried chicken in diabetes can actually impact your health really deep and might cause numerous health complications in long run.

Therefore, fried chicken diabetes doesn't seem a good combo to go-ahead with if you have diabetes. OF COURSE, it simply doesn't mean that diabetics can never have fried chicken. It can be eaten in moderation and in this way hopefully you will not face any health complication and will be able to satisfy your hunger pangs with this mouth watery dish.

But, as i've mentioned may times before that the exact amount when we say moderate intake cannot be measured by someone who's not from medical field. Therefore, always talk to a professional doctor regarding fried chicken and diabetes and they will suggest you the best quantity and frequency of consumption as per your blood sugar readings and current health.

Can Diabetics Have Fried Fish

Fish is a healthy food item for people with diabetes. They have proteins and multiple nutrients such as omega 3, vitamin D, low levels of which are very common in people with diabetes. This may help in maintaining good heart health and over all body health, therefore including fish in the diet of a diabetic sounds pretty good.

But, similar to what we said for fried chicken and diabetes, frying a fish before consumption might actually make it bad for a diabetic, due to high carbohydrate, fat content. Therefore, it's best to consume it without deep frying so that maximum health benefit can be achieved out of it.

So, the above explanation pretty much covers everything on - Can diabetics have fried chicken or fish. Now, let's look at a common point that is asked many times for a non diabetic.

Does Chicken Cause Diabetes

It is to be noted that when we talk about or say that fried chicken diabetes is not a good combo, this simply doesn't mean than eating chicken will make you develop diabetes. Even though there are some studies suggesting the link between chicken and diabetes. 

But, as of now it's not that clear that whether eating chicken have direct impact on you developing diabetes. But what is clear is that having obesity, physical inactivity, family history and certain medical conditions indeed put you at a higher risk of developing diabetes, therefore, it's best to follow a balanced diet, routine so as to remain healthy and fit in long term.


Chicken are packed with proteins and essential fats, therefore consuming them in the best possible way can help you in achieving a good health as a diabetic. Fried chicken diabetes can prove to be a healthy combo for us only if we consume it in moderation and as per the directions of a professional doctor. 

Fried foods are generally high in carbohydrates, fats which are not good for our body and it gets worse when the oil used for frying is of bad quality. Hence, it's best to avoid deep fried food to the max.

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