Lemons and obesity in diabetes

Is lemon good for diabetics?

Obesity is perhaps one of the most common symptom that diabetics face, and according to a study citrus fruits can contribute to the prevention and treatment of obesity.

Now to look at it from the other side, People with obesity are more likely to develop diabetes as their body loses the ability to properly use insulin. A small study conducted in 2007 suggests that taking 1000mg of vitamin c for six weeks might help in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes complications. 

Therefore, even those people who are non diabetic as of now, including lemons in diet may assist in avoiding obesity and thereby may also reduce the chances of developing diabetes.

Does lemon water help in diabetes

Similar to lemons, lemon water works perfectly for diabetes and might help in prevent untimely blood sugar spikes in diabetes.

It's extremely easy to make beverage which is very low in carbohydrates and calories, and can keep you hydrated for long which is very essential for diabetics to ensure. Diabetics are more prone to dehydration as high blood glucose depletes body fluids. Therefore, it important for diabetics to remain hydrated all times so as to avoid dehydration related health complications.

Squeezing lemon juice and drinking it might not completely fulfil the daily recommended intake of fibre or vitamin C. But, it's still much better that having nothing or market sodas that we can find very easily in the nearby markets. For diabetics, it's important to note that you don't add any sugar in the lemon water while making it at home. It's best to consume without any added sugar for maximum health benefits.

If you want to know more about eating lemons in diabetes, check out the article on is lemon good for people with diabetes.

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