Why Egg Whites Are Often Preferred Over Egg Yolks?

Eggs are an extremely popular food item, that are renowned for it's numerous health benefits. They are consumed in many variations in different parts of the world as per the preferred taste and style.

Why Eating Egg White Is Preferred Over Eating Egg Yolk?

Egg Whites (the white part of the eggs) are famous as major source of Proteins, whereas the Egg Yolk (the yellow/ orange part of the eggs) are often known for it's fat content. Hence, fitness guys who hit gym on regular basis consume egg whites, so that their body gets only protein and not fats from egg yolk.

This sounds rational up to an extent as if a person is consuming egg whites of 6 -7 eggs to match up his everyday protein requirement, now if the very same person consumes egg yolk also of 6-7 eggs, this may enable his body cholesterol levels go nuts and can do more harm than good.  

In addition to these, one large whole boiled egg serve many other vitamins and minerals that you may not get from regular meals, such as:
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B2, B5, B6, B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Calcium
  • Folate
  • Phosphorus
  • Selenium 
  • Zinc
Now, talking about egg yolks, let's see whether it's bad or good for your health. Does eating egg yolks everyday makes you fat and more below.

Is Egg Yolk Healthy To Eat?

The major reason why such kind of questions are often asked discussed is because, egg yolks (yellow/ orange part of the eggs), are high in Cholesterol.

Two large whole eggs contains about 422 mg of cholesterol, which is by contrast, more than 88mg of cholesterol found in 100 grams of fat ground beef.

With that being said, this is to be noted that it's not necessary that if a food is high in Cholesterol, it will cause rise in cholesterol levels in the blood as well. Why that happens is because your liver by itself actually produces cholesterol in large amounts in the body, as it's necessary for proper cell functioning.

But, When we eat high-cholesterol foods (in correct quantity), the liver simply starts producing less cholesterol in body, and in this way the cholesterol gets balancedHence, blood cholesterol levels don’t change much in most people, even when they eat more cholesterol from eggs.

How Many Eggs To Eat In A Day?

Eggs can prove to be a supplement of many nutrients, if consumed in correct quantity. Having health benefits does not mean that anyone can consume 5-6 or more eggs everday. 

It should be kept in mind that an average adult, with moderate intensity exercise routine, should not consume more than 2-3 whole eggs in a day. Anything more than this may imbalance cholesterol and other important elements in body, leading to acute diseases. 

The way we consume eggs are also important for optimum health benefits. Boiled eggs seems to be the best way to consume as they are devoid of any excess oil or additional fat or calories. The Boiled Egg Diet can also be consumed with a mix of vegetables, salads or fruits.

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