Running or Jogging Everyday : Health Benefits & Other Impotant Things To Know

  • Running versus Jogging, which is better?
  • Health benefits of running and jogging
  • Best time of the day to run or jog
  • Is it safe to Run or Jog empty stomach?
  • Safety suggestions for running and jogging 

Running Or Jogging - Which is Better?

Jogging or running is a popular form of physical activity and has been actively practiced in almost all parts of the world. It has been linked with numerous health benefits and is very well known for warm up and recreation among fitness folks.

The major difference between running and jogging lies in the speed or pace. Running is done faster and requires more intense energy than jogging.

"Jogging can be defined as going at a pace of less than 6 mph, while running can be defined as anything faster than 6 mph"

Other difference can be in how our body, muscles responds to both form of exercises. In running, our heart, lungs and muscles need to work at faster rate to match up the requirement of body, whereas the same is comparatively lesser in jogging. 

For fat and calorie burning, running works better than jogging. High-intensity exercises such as sprinting burns more amount of total body mass and fat mass than slower, steady-state exercises such as jogging.

Both form of exercises has it's own pros and cons and differs from person to person depending on their goal, energy level, body type and many other factors. Hence, it would be unwise to call out one better than another

Health Benefits Of Running And Jogging

Running or Jogging is a complete workout in itself and also prepares the body for an intense workout and other physical activities. Let's look at some amazing health benefits of running or jogging below.

1. Works Great For Weight Loss

Both running and jogging works great for burning calories and boosting metabolism. Half an hour of jogging easily burns around 300 calories. Following a healthy diet along with regular jogging will let you melt those extra inches of fat and will assist you to reach you fitness goal easily. 

2. Improves Heart Health

Jogging or running is an excellent cardiovascular workout that works great for improving the health of your heart. When we run or jog, our heart starts working at a faster rate for pumping more blood and also ensures that more blood is pumped faster to the heart and, thus, keeps blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels under control.

3. Strengthen Muscles 

When we run or jog our muscles such as hamstrings, calf, gluteal muscles works at great capacity which makes them more toned and strong. It works on the large muscles of the body and develops them.

4. Good For Respiratory System

Aerobic exercises like running and jogging, ensures that our lungs take in more oxygen by faster breathing and efficiently remove carbon dioxide, which enhances the lung capacity and strengthens the muscles of the respiratory system. 

5. Removes Mental Stress

When we workout moderately, the stress levels in our body starts to decline. Running or Jogging in open air helps to soothe and calm the mind. It reduces stress, tension which in turn has a positive impact on our personality.

Best Time Of The Day To Run or Jog

When it comes to finding which time is best for running, then late afternoon somewhere around 5 pm to 7 pm may work best for many people. 

This is because may helpful factors of our body like core body temperature, hormone levels, breathing capacity, etc. are at it's peak at that time and all of these may help you run better and for longer time span.

A high core temperature dilates the blood vessels, ensuring more efficient supply of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. It also increases the speed of nerve impulse which assist in better breakdown of glycogen and glucose. 

But of course, not everyone if fond of afternoon running or their routine doesn't fit in for afternoon running, hence no worries, even if you're following a morning running or jogging routine, it's completely fine. Mornings do offer many other benefits like free from traffic and noise, absence of a harsh sun, which makes the run more enjoyable. 

Is it safe to Run or Jog on an empty Stomach?

In general, it’s is always advisable to eat sometime before running as this gives your body the fuel it needs to exercise efficiently. Which makes sense as running and other high intensity exercises does require a lot of energy, which if you will not consume by means of eating, you may not be able to sustain running intensity for long. 

Due to empty stomach, you body will keep burning the stored energy it has and over a period of time, it may result in muscle loss or low blood sugar levels (especially in people with Diabetes).

Hence, you can hop on a quick healthy snack like whole grain cereals, apple, banana sometime before running or jogging. Always consult a qualified professional doctor and fitness expert before following any fitness or nutritional routine for optimum results.

Safety Tips For Running And Jogging

It's important to follow correct technique and safety suggestions for avoiding all possible injuries while exercising. Here are few tips that you need to keep in mind while running or jogging.
  • Choose a well-lit populated route so that you can see where you're running and can avoid falls due to damaged track.
  • Avoid taking isolated areas for flexibility or open space in running as they can be dangerous in many other ways.
  • Avoid taking busy roads, especially at night as it might make difficult for the incoming traffic to notice you, which may result in some causality. 
  • Have your mobile phone in your pocket for emergencies.
  • Don’t wear headphones as it may make you deaf to a vehicle horn or dog snarl

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