Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdowns : Eye Care Tips To Follow While Working From Home

COVID-19 lockdowns have made a lot of us to work from home. Either due to work purposes or for fun or frolic, staring at laptops, mobile phones has increased several folds during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Many people are adopting ways to remain physically fit while working from home, people are looking at best diets that can keep them healthy during COVID19 lockdowns. 

But, are you conscious enough for providing care and attention to your eyes in the same manner? Or, Do you follow a proper eye care routine while working from home? Well, Many don't!! 

Due to this improper care, our eyes may suffer from redness in eyes, puffiness and even dark circles. Hence, it's important to take care of our eyes well.

Eye Care Tips To Follow While Working From Home

Let's look at some eye care tips that you can follow in your everyday routine, that may keep your eyes healthy and fit, even in the times of coronavirus pandemic.
  • Eye Massage
Massaging can be an important step for keeping the eyes strained free. 

For this, simply place your palms on your eyes and gently massage in circular motion. Now massage the eyebrows and area below the eyes. This simple massage will release heat, that will help in relaxing your eyes properly.
  • Eye Exercises
Like we exercise to keep our body and muscles fit, Eye exercises can be similarly beneficial for eye health and can help in relaxing strained eyes. 

For the first exercise, just hold a pencil at an arm’s length and concentrate properly on it. Now move it to and fro by moving your hand closer to your face and then tracing it back to the original position. Continue doing it for 2-3 minutes. Make sure to take small breaks in between this exercise.

Another exercise that you can try is - Focus on a distant object and trace a rainbow from one end to the another. This will help in moving your eyes and will relax the strained muscles. This exercise will also improve the blood circulation and also help you in focusing better.
  • Cooling Eye Patch
This is a traditional trick that you can try for relaxing your eyes.

For this method, cut two slices of cucumber and keep them on your closed eyelids. Let it be in the same position for around 5-7 minutes and then change sides. The cooling effect of cucumber will help in de-stress your eyes and will let your eyes feel refreshed, once you complete this therapy. 


Coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of changed in almost everyone's life. If you're working from home, make sure to follow good lifestyle and eating routine to stay healthy and fit.

Try any of the methods mentioned above to keep your eyes relaxed while working from home.

If you are at a place where lockdowns has been lifted, and if you have to commute to your workplace everyday, you can check out the best ways on How To Avoid COVID-19 Infection During Daily Commute To Work here.

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