5 Exercises To Boost Stamina Naturally Fast


"Stamina often referred to as endurance, is an inner strength of the body, that allows you to resist, withstand physical and mental effort continuously for long period of time"

Building stamina has always been an integral part of training for people associated with sports and bodybuilding, as they have to sweat out and exert energy for longer duration than a normal individual.

But working on stamina is not just limited to sports folks. Even for a normal individual, Having high stamina will keep your energy at high levels and will let you perform routine activities without feeling much fatigue or exhausted.

What Does Increase In Stamina Means?

After going through the above definition of stamina, this question must have got automatically answered.

Increase or boost in stamina simply means an increase in the inner strength of your body, to resist, withstand physical and mental effort continuously for long period of time.

This can be done through certain exercises and correct lifestyle routine over a period of time. Point to be noted, that stamina builds with time and not instantly. 

How Stamina Increases?

When you start performing certain types of exercises everyday, your mind, body and muscles start adapting itself to those extra exertions.

Gradually with time due to this continuous adaptation, you might find performing an exercise easy, without feeling much fatigue. You may will feel less tired after a session of physical workout or you may be able to lift much heavier weights easily.

These natural changes happens overtime as your body keeps adapting itself to a new lifestyle routine. 

5 Exercises To Increase Stamina 

Now let's look at some exercises that can be done to increase stamina naturally.

1. Climbing Stairs

It's not necessary that you perform high intensity exercises to increase stamina. Simple everyday things, as easy as climbing stairs can be effective in boosting stamina.

How To Perform:

Providing a method on how to climb stairs can be unwise as almost everyone is well aware with it. Hence, all what you have to care about is the frequency with which you take the stairs.  Try taking stairs every time you go up and down at your premises. 

Make this a part of your everyday lifestyle, and you will soon be able to see the changes this simple  exercise of climbing stairs can have on your body.

2. Push-ups

Push-up exercise can be useful in strengthening wide range of muscles like chest, biceps, triceps, shoulder, back and legs simultaneously.

How To Perform:

Keep you palm flat on the floor with body in a Plank position. Now bend your elbows and you'll start coming down, putting all the pressure on  palm, triceps, shoulders etc. Once you're about to touch the floor, push back again against floor and you're body will start to come up again. Do this exercise 5 times or more depending upon your strength and gradually increase the count to see the effect.

3. Squats

Squats works out your entire body, and helps in strengthening the tissues and ligaments.

How To Perform:

The most important thing to note for this exercise is that you give zero stress to your spine. Your spine should be relaxed and straight all time.

Stand on the floor with your legs comfortably apart. Bend your knees slowly while keeping your spine straight. As the knees bend make sure your hips go a little backward as you go down. Once you reach down puch back up again slowly using your legs. 

4. Side Plank

Side plank exercise helps in strengthening your lower and side abdominal muscles.

How To Perform:

Keeping your arm up to elbow on the floor, lie down on your side so that your body makes a Plank.  Hold this position for anytime comfortable to you. It might be difficult initially, but with time it will get easy. 

5. Chair Dips

This excercise is something that can be done anywhere, even at your office in free time. All you need is a normal chair.

How To Perform:

Stand opposite to your chair and place your palms on it, shoulder-width apart. Keep your feet steady on the floor. Now bend your elbows slowly to bring your body down. Once it's comfortably down, push back up against the chair using your palms and you're body will start to come up again. Do it for any number of counts comfortable to you.


Having good Stamina is an essential element to perform day to day activities with full energy. Try some exercises mentioned above, that may assist you in boosting stamina.

Make sure you don't push yourself too much and don't feel low if the results doesn't show as per your expectations. Changes may take time to show up, as body types may differ, techniques may differ from person to person. 

Always consult a concerned qualified doctor or fitness trainer before adopting any exercise or nutrition regime for best results.

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