How To Have Healthy Teeth and Gums | 5 Foods To Eat For Good Oral Health

Almost everyone in the world is aware that daily brushing, flossing are essential to maintain healthy teeth and smile, but did you know that nutrition or what you eat has an effect on your dental health too.

Improper hygiene and eating practices, affects our oral health a lot, resulting in problems like toothache, stained teeth, cavities and much more. 

Hence, it's extremely necessary to practice best teeth hygiene routine and eat all varieties of healthy nutrient-rich foods, so as to promote healthy teeth and gums. A balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, protein foods, calcium rich foods, whole grains provides essential nutrients to your body, making it more healthy and fit. 

Let's look at few things to have healthy teeth in this article and know about some healthy foods that you should include in your diet for good oral health. Starting with the most basic question - 

How Often To Brush Your Teeth?

When we eat a meal or a snack that contains sugar, the bacteria in plaque (a sticky white film that forms on your teeth) produces acid that attack tooth enamel. Repeated attacks can break down the hard enamel on the surface of teeth, leading to Tooth Decay
But when you brush your teeth, you remove this food and plaque. Some dentists may advise to brush teeth after each meal. But if not that much, we should at least brush teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste for 2 (two) minutes each time.

5 Foods For Good Teeth & Oral Health

Let's look at 5 healthy food types below that you should include in your diet to keep for healthy teeth and over all oral health

1. Foods With Fiber

Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables work as best natural defense mechanism against cavities and gum disease. By flowing more saliva in your mouth they begins to reduce the effects of the acids and enzymes attacking your teeth. Saliva also restores minerals to areas of teeth that may have got impacted due to bacterial acids.

2. Dairy Products

Dairy products like Cheese, plain yogurt, milk work as saliva maker. The calcium and phosphates present in cheese, milk and other dairy products, help in bringing back minerals to your teeth and also helps rebuilding the tooth enamel.

3. Tea

Commonly known Black tea or Green tea contains polyphenols, that either kills or hold back the plaque bacteria. This helps in avoiding bacteria to grow more or produce acid in your mouth, that may attacks teeth. 

4. Fluoridated Water

Direct fluoridated water or any product made with fluoridated water, helps your teeth against bacteria. some prepared foods such as sugar less powdered juices, poultry products, seafood may also work as a good source of fluoride and can help sustaining your oral health for longer period of time.

5. Sugar Free Chewing Gums

Chewing gums that do not contain lot of sugar assist in boosting the saliva in your mouth, which removes food particles from your teeth as helps in maintaining good oral health. 


Brushing your teeth regularly is a key way to improve oral health and teeth health. Along with maintaining proper oral hygiene, try including some healthy foods mentioned in this article, it may assist in maintaining your teeth and gums healthy.

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