How To Make AAM PANNA At Home | 100% Natural Mango Summer Drink Recipe

In times of harsh summers and scorching heat waves, people from all around the world, especially individuals who spend hours working outdoors in sun try different methods to quench thirst and keep their body cool. 

"Aam Panna or Aam Ka Panna is also one such beverage that is renowned for it's heat-resistant properties and refreshing ability in multiple parts of India"

So, here in this article let's look at some simple easy recipes of making Aam panna at home using 100% natural ingredients.

What Is Aam Panna?

Aam Panna (also known as Aam Jhora, Mango Panha, Kairi Ka Apshola, Kairi Ka Panna) is a popular desi Indian summer drink that is prepared using natural raw mango pulp, sugar, spices, and mint leaves. It instantly hydrates the body and assist in battling the scorching heat.

This 100% natural vegan drink also works as a good source of vitamin B1 and B2, Niacin, Vitamin C and is generally enjoyed from April – June or during the peak of the summers in India.

Aam Panna Health Benefits

In addition to satisfying our thirst and keeping the body cool in summers, Aam panna has many more health benefits:
  • Protects from heat strokes
  • Re-hydrates body 
  • Prevent loss of Iron
  • Cures digestive disorders
  • De-stresses brain
  • Makes eyes healthy
  • Strengthens immune system

How To Make Aam Panna At Home

Aam panna can be prepared by using any one of the three methods mentioned below.
  1. By Pressure Cooker Method
  2. By Instant Pot Method 
  3. By Roasting Method

Let's look at each method one by one below.

1. Aam Panna Recipe - Pressure Cooker Method
  • Take a nicely washed pressure cooker and put raw mangoes along with some amount of water in it.
  • Now cook it on medium heat until it gives 2 – 3 whistles 
  • Once done, Remove the stone from the mangoes and let the mango pulp cool down. 
  • At last, Blend the mango pulp, sugar, salt, spices, mint together and it's done!!

2. Aam Panna Recipe - Roasting Method
  • Take some nicely washed raw mangoes. 
  • Now, Put them either directly over the gas stove or on a grill and roast them until the pulp softens. 
  • Once it's done, remove the black mango skin and the stone. 
  • Now, Collect the entire pulp in a bowl 
  • At last, Blend the mango pulp with sugar, spices, mint leaves and it's ready to be served!!

3. Aam Panna Recipe - Instant Pot Method
  • Take some peeled green mango and put it into the inner pot. 
  • Add some water and put the lid on or Seal the lid. 
  • Now set the steam valve and pressure cook for about 6 to 8 minutes.
  • Once done, Collect the mango pulp and discard the mango stones.
  • At last, Blend the mango pulp, sugar, salt, spices, mint together.

Which Method Is Better?

Aam panna can be made by any one of the above methods and each one has it's aroma and taste. Preferences differ from person to person, Hence it would be unwise to call one method better that others. 

Roasting method gives mangoes a smoky flavor which in not there in the mangoes cooked in water. The pressure cooker method is highly time-saving hence all the versions have their own piece of advantages are good to go. So any method can be used for preparing Aam panna at home.

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