7 Healthy Reasons To Eat Salad Everyday

A Salad is a dish that has a mixture of small pieces of food, common vegetables and fruits. 

This is however not an exhaustive definition as different varieties of salad may contain virtually any type of ready-to-eat food.

As summers have knocked our doors, a plate filled with some cool and crisp salad can be extremely refreshing.

Some experts say, "Eating salad almost every day is may be one of the most healthy eating habits you can adopt"

They’re easy to make at home and offers multiple health benefits, hence consuming a serving of leafy greens each day can be one of the best habits to get into, summer or winter.


Here we bring 7 healthy reasons why you should include salad in your everyday diet:

1. Salads Improve Muscle Performance

Do you remember how Popeye use to get buffed up after having Spinach? Well it's not wrong completely!

The nutrients found in spinach helps you build strong bones, improve performance of the mitochondria, which helps you produce energy & power our muscles. 

2. Salads Improve Skin Tone

High level of water content found in Salad vegetables provides proper hydration to our body, which is necessary for a good skin tone. 

Common salad items like Cucumber juice provides proper rejuvenation to your body and improves skin due to it's high vitamins and minerals content.

3. Salads Provide You Good Fiber

Leafy and green veggies are an amazing source of natural fiber, which helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels and prevent constipation. 

In addition to that, good fiber consumption also assist in maintaining healthy body weight and prevent number of cancers including mouth, throat, colorectal, esophagus etc.

4. Salads Help In Weight Control 

Having a good quantity of fiber-rich salad before your meal will assist your tummy feel full faster, hence you’ll consume fewer calories than you might when a meal is served without this appetizer. 

So, it's important to include more raw vegetables into your salad, so as to provide maximum health benefits to your body.

5. Salads Let You Intake Healthy Fats

Including roasted seeds like pumpkin, sesame etc. in your everyday diet lets you boost your daily intake of good fats.

Similarly, consuming a slice of a quarter of an avocado and greens will also give you a boost and will let your body absorb all of the protective compounds, phytochemicals, and lutein.

6. Salads Protect Your Heart

Some salad items like Romaine lettuce contains two important nutrients - Folate and Fiber in significant quantity, that helps in protecting the heart muscles.

Elevated levels of Folate have shown to help in the prevention of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

7. Salads Let You Build Strong Bones

In women, Low levels of vitamin K has been linked with low bone mineral density. So for healthy bone growth to happen, good levels of vitamin K are important. 

Hence, including one cup of watercress, radicchio or spinach in your everyday diet will help your body in getting some good amount of vitamin K and will keep your bones strong.


Salads are great source of multiple vitamins, minerals and other nutritional components that can offer several benefits like improved digestion, disease protection, and weight loss.

Hence, try having a bowl of Salad everyday as it is beneficial in many ways. Include some fresh fruits, vegetables in your salad along with some good amount of complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats.

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