Homemade KADHA For Boosting Immunity : Easy 3 Steps Recipe

As the world continues to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, health experts of all around the globe are insisting on boosting our immunity. 

Although this has not been declared or proved whether strong immunity can help in avoiding the Novel Coronavirus or not, but it may assist you in maintaining an overall better health. 

Unlike some people who have naturally high immunity, there are some easy natural ways to strengthen your stamina, immune system and overall health of the body, Kadha being one of them!

Kadha is basically a mix of various natural herbs and spices that can help us to keep our body strong from inside.

Here is a simple and easy immunity-boosting Kadha recipe that you can prepare with some natural herbs and spices like cloves, turmeric, mulethi, tulsi, ginger, cinnamon & black pepper.


All the herbs and spices used in this Kadha are packed with various health benefiting nutrients and can be found easily in your kitchen.

  • Ginger (1 inch)
  • Tulsi (8 to 10)
  • Water (8 to 10 cups)
  • Mulethi (4 to 5 sticks)
  • Raw turmeric (1 inch)
  • Mulethi (4 to 5 sticks)
  • Cloves (10 to 12 peices)
  • Cinnamon (4 to 5 sticks)
  • Black pepper (10 to 12 peices)

  1. Pour Water & all ingredients into a Sauce pan
  2. Boil this water for atleast 1 hour in a low or medium flame 
  3. When done, Simply Turn off the flame and let the Kadha cool down 


You can store this Homemade Kadha for upto 2 days (in refrigerator). Simply, pour the Kadha into a sterilised glass bottle with a tightly close lid. 

Next time you need it, just warm it well and it's ready to drink. Do not warm the whole Kadha, just take as much you need.

(The image showed in the article is only for creative/ illustrative purpose & does not represent the actual Kadha/ Potion in any way. 

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