Why Face Masks Are Important For CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Prevention

Hand sanitizer and face masks on a wooden table
  • As confirmed cases of Novel Coronavirus are soaring day by day, It is advisable for everyone to wear face masks when at public places.
  • As per Experts, Wearing of Face Masks won't protect someone from getting sick, but it will protect others from those already infected with the virus.
  • Only wearing of face mask will not protect you from COVID-19, Other precautionary measures such as social distancing, hand washing & strict hygiene practice should be adopted in addition to wearing face mask for optimum protection.


COVID-19 spreads when infected droplets from a sick person gets into the Eyes, Nose & Mouth of a healthy person by means of coughing, sneezing

The same droplets may sit on others surfaces which are in close proximity to the infected person, and if we touch the same object with our hands and then touch our face, eyes inadvertently without washing/ sanitizing our hands, the odds of us getting infected increases and in this way the virus spreads from one person to another.

Which is why it's more important for already infected person to wear a Face mask, so that the infected droplets remain concealed in the mask at the time of coughing, sneezing & everyone else nearby can be protected.


When we talk about face masks, there are primarily 3 Types of Face Mask that are used for Coronavirus Prevention:
  • N95 Respirator
  • Surgical Mask
  • Cloth Face Mask (Homemade)
Let's know about each of them in brief below.

These are tight fitting face masks that can filter out 95 Percent of small particles (virus & bacteria) along with sprays and large droplets.

They are generally oval in shape and have elastic bands for proper fitting on the face. Some types of N95 masks have an exhalation valve that assists in breathing and buildup of heat and humidity.

Surgical masks are light weight, loose fitting disposable masks that prevent the wearer from sprays, splashes and large droplets. 

These are generally rectangular in shape with elastic bands or strings on the sides to hold a surgical mask in place.

This type of face mask are often used by people without symptoms. While homemade face mask do provide a layer of security, but it's extremely less when compared with Surgical Masks or N95 Respirators.

One study indicated that Homemade face masks can may be 50 times less effective than N95 Respirators and may be half as effective as Surgical face masks.

So, it's advisable that all individuals who have more potency to virus exposure should not use homemade face masks but should go for more efficient face masks.


Even though wearing a face mask does reduce the possibilities of infection, but just wearing a face mask would not suffice for optimum protection. 

Other precautionary steps such as social distancing, hand washing, being touch conscious & strict hygiene practice should be adopted for prevention from Novel Coronavirus.

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