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Hairloss In Diabetes : Can hairloss due to diabetes be reversed?

Diabetes, be it of either type 1 or type 2 bring multiple complications to the health. One such complication can be hair thinning or hairloss. Experiencing hairloss not just takes a big toll at your psychological levels in terms of stress, but it also starts impacting your physical attractiveness and confidence in public. So, How can we prevent hairloss in diabetes? Well, we'll get onto that very shortly, but before that let's just quickly understand the process in brief - how increase in blood sugar levels can cause hairloss and know that is there any connection between the two. Does Diabetes Cause Hairloss? In diabetes, the body stops producing enough insulin. The general work of Insulin to move the sugar from the foods you eat from your bloodstream into your cells so as to be stored or used as energy. When you don’t have insulin, sugar starts building up in the blood. This excess sugar can damage organs all over your body, including your eyes, nerves, kidneys and blood vesse

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